Monday, July 2, 2012

Backpacking with Kids

Miles 23-30.5 in our 100 mile hiking challenge
Trailhead Marker
So we decided to take our kids on a backpacking trip to the Uintas to add to our miles hiked this summer. This is the first time we have ventured to take all of our boys. We were a little scared, but now realize what fun it was for them and for us as a family. We chose to go to Hoover Lake via the Fehr Lake trailhead off Mirror Lake Highway.

Fehr Lake
The total hike in to our camping spot was 1.5 miles to Hoover Lake. We dropped our packs and set up camp. The kids got right to fishing while we fixed dinner. This was a perfect distance for our 6 year old. He carried his own pack, while not heavy it was still 10% of his body weight.

Shephard Lake

Maba Lake - We camped between this and Hoover Lake

I couldn't get enough of the Lily pads on this lake...beautiful!
The next day we explored and found Marshall Lake as well as a few geo-caches along the way. We hiked about 6 miles total. The first day was all downhill and the return to the car was all uphill. The kids didn't seem to have any trouble on the hike out and went about the same speed as on the way in. The youngest in our group was 4 years old.

To find Marshall Lake you will need a GPS as it is bush-whacking and there are no trails leading to it from Hoover Lake. On this trip we saw 4 beautiful lakes and a small pond. All within 1.5 miles. It seemed very secluded after passing the first 2 lakes. We saw only one other party of 2.

Stay tuned for my tips on backpacking with kids:)