Thursday, June 28, 2012

Moab River Rafting Trip

I recently returned from a river rafting trip with the young women in our area. We went to Moab, Utah and floated down the Colorado River. Fun, fun, fun!

Beautiful red rock
It would be a great trip for families. The guides at World Wide River Expeditions did a great job! They had clean language, they do not drink or smoke at all on the river (that is a plus for me when taking my kids) and they are nice to be around.

3 of our fearless guides
The pricing for a youth trip was $149 per person for 3 days and that includes all meals. This is pricing for youth groups, but I noticed that the pricing for day trips was only about $50 per person and I have seen coupons on City Deals for around $39. The portion of the river that we floated was very mellow with only a few rapids. I think the 3-day trip would be a bit much for my kids right now, but the day trip would be perfect!
Games on the raft
What a great group of girls!
This year is a very low water year on the river...the 3rd lowest of all time. With that said, there is
a lot of paddling to be done to get you where you want to go :) I did see some families who had a guide that did all the rowing instead of having everyone paddle. Our group paddled, and paddled and paddled!

Ice cream fights, water fights, paddling in the ducky's, sunscreen, lemonade, floating in the kids would love it. I guess it's time to book a family trip.

Overall it was a great time and one I think you could take younger children on and have so much fun!