Tuesday, July 10, 2012

100 Days of Clean Eating Challenge

As a personal trainer I have seen clients go from one diet fad to another and back again. The results were almost always the same. Go on the diet = lose weight = go off the diet = gain more weight than they lost. This viscous cycle happened again and again because my clients were not making lifestyle changes. They were choosing short term changes that they would not be able to continue after reaching their goal.

Each time they gained the weight back there was a feeling of hopelessness and discouragement. Those clients who did succeed were the ones who made lifestyle changes to their eating and exercising habits. A lifestyle change is giving up something for a better way of living. It is actually very empowering to know that I have the ability within myself to reach my goals and the determination to make my life better.

Having said that, I have decided to eat clean for 100 days. Why 100 days? Well, my family is doing the 100 mile summer hiking challenge, I am starting a 100 day fitness challenge and it is a good round number that will give me enough time to make this improved way of eating a lifestyle change. As I looked into "clean eating" I smiled realizing that I already cook many meals that fall in the clean eating category. The meals won't be the trick for me, but the snacks will get me I am sure. Knowing that, I am taking this week to prepare myself and my pantry for the change.
I invited my husband and kids to join me and in the end, they said they would do it. My husband agreed kicking and screaming, so to say :) I am grateful they are willing to try to give up sugar and other processed foods with me. I am not certain how long they will last, but I hope it's 100 days.

To get ready for this type of commitment I am purging all processed, boxed goods from my pantry. Getting rid of sugary treats, snacks and cereals. I am looking up clean recipes for foods we like to eat...and I am surprised that many of our staple recipes have already been converted to clean by others. I am stocking my pantry with things such as whole-wheat flour (I grind my own), steel cut oats, quinoa, couscous and whole-wheat pastas. I am planning on making my own rice and oat flour. My fridge is getting stocked with even more fresh fruits and vegetables than normal and a few new tasty cheeses. Lean protein is taking over the freezer...tilapia, salmon, chicken, shrimp to name a few.

I will post our success and recipes as I go along. Join us for this challenge if you want to feel better and look better. My motto for this challenge is that I can do anything for 100 days. This challenge for me and my family officially kicks off this coming Sunday.

Watch for my upcoming posts to find out what foods are considered clean and recipes to get you started. I found this website that has some great looking recipes to try.
Happy Eating!