Monday, July 16, 2012

Bloods Lake, Silver Lake and Silver Isles Lake Hike

Bloods Lake

We have done lots of hiking in Big Cottonwood Canyon so we decided to try a new hike.  Here is a map of the lakes that we visited on this hike. We saw Lake Brimhall, Silver Lake Isle, Silver Lake (not the one we all know near Brigthon Ski Resort) and Bloods Lake.

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We started the hike from the Park City side of Guardsman Pass. The trail head that we used starts in the Brighton Estates off State Route 152 (the road that goes from Midway to Guardsman Pass). 

Brighton Estates is a gated community and is private property. Anytime you choose to go onto Private Property please be courteous. Clean up after yourself and do not be a nuisance in any way so that we can continue to use these trails. With that said, if you choose to go this way, pull into Brighton Estates and follow the road until you come to Larkspur Road and turn right. Take another right onto Boulder Drive. Stay on Boulder Drive (be aware that you must turn once more I believe to stay on Boulder) until you reach Mars Way and turn right again.

The road is seen on the left near the tree line. Photo taken from other side of meadow.
Here you will come to a nice size meadow. The trail head begins right before you cross the road that goes over the small stream (if the water is flowing). The trail is on the left side of the road and once on the trail you can follow it up to the left or it crosses the stream bed and heads up the opposite side. Take the left trail. We accidentally took the right trail and that took us up to Lake Brimhall which is private property. They are very serious about the private property as it serves as a youth camp. Avoid this.

Going left is beautiful and takes you up to Silver Isles Lake , Silver Lake and we went as far as
Bloods Lake.
Silver Isles
Silver Lake

We took our dog as dogs are allowed up this side of Guardsman Pass.

Harry Potter
This hike was beautiful. Our 6 year old completed it without any trouble. It gets steep in a couple of sections, but nothing he couldn't handle. We ate lunch at Silver Lake and took plenty of water and snacks. I recommend taking a GPS if you have one. It helped us know what lake we were at and to find them in the first place. 

There is another route to the lakes that does not start on private property. We will be exploring this new route in a couple of weeks so I will post the trail head and pertinent info when I have it. 

Happy Hiking!