Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mountain Biking Park City with Kids

Last week we loaded up our mountain bikes and our kids and headed off to find out if Round Valley in Park City, Utah is a place we can take our kids to mountain bike. Having never been there before, we stopped and purchased a trails map at Jans Sport. This is the second map I have owned and it is definitely worth purchasing. All the trails in Park City are on the map and it categorizes them like ski runs...beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Round Valley is near the National Ability Center
Once there we found the trail head we wanted at the South side of the turf fields. It is a nice wide road that didn't appear to be too steep. Keep in mind that we have a 6 year-old without a gear bike. This was a bit difficult for him. He did a great job, but I stayed by him and helped push him up the hills. I would just ride close, put my hand on his low back and pray that he could keep a straight line while I helped him up the hills. Our older 2 children did fantastic on their own.

We were only able to ride for about 45 minutes or so when the smoke from the Alpine fire got so bad that we couldn't breathe well. At that point we called it a day and loaded up to go see the new Spider-Man movie. Our trail was a loop and it was great for beginners. I think that by age 7 or 8, if a child has a gear bike, he/she should be able to bike around the beginner trails of round valley without much problem. If you take a younger child, plan on being on and off your bike, helping them up the hills and always know that when introducing kids to mountain biking you are less than likely not going to get your own ride in. By realizing this from the start, everyone will have a better time and in the future your kids will probably be waiting for you :)

Nice wide trail
Round Valley is located near the National Ability Center in Park City.
Happy Riding!