Thursday, July 12, 2012

Clean Eating Preparation

People approach challenges and goals differently. For instance, my mom has to do it all now or do nothing at all. If she wants to start walking then her first walk is 6 miles instead of 2 miles and then build up. Others like to take baby steps to reach their goals. It seems simpler to change one small thing or achieve a small goal and then to increase and improve overall. And then there are those who think about it, plan it, want it, but never actually get to the doing of the goal.

In preparing for 100% clean eating I had to look at myself and be honest about what kind of person I am and what I respond to. I am definitely a chip off the old block. I have to do it now.

What does that mean for me and my family? Luckily my husband is away at scout camp today so I can throw away in peace. (For those who like to keep most things or have a spouse who doesn't like to get rid of anything, I am sure you understand:). It means that he will come home to a much needed renovation of the pantry...It means that all processed food goes.

I am not going to keep it and eat it until it is gone and then start my clean eating challenge. No. It means that I take control of my pantry and I gut it. It is a surprisingly difficult, but liberating thing to do. I figured it would be so easy, however thoughts like, "that cost so much money" or "my kids love that" seem to sneak in while cleaning out my cupboards. I did not let it stop me. It took me multiple trips to the pantry in order to have a pantry stocked with clean foods.

Here is a photo or two of some of what I threw out/gave away or put downstairs in our long term storage:

My pantry is getting emptier and emptier by the minute. The first trip I threw out/gave away all the obvious junk food and processed foods. The next trip I started reading labels and was so surprised at what I found. Some of the food I thought was clean, like some of my salsas and sauces were NOT clean. I can tell this is going to be a learning process.

Here are two garbage bags full of food that just had to go:

I found food I can I donate to the local food bank or to a neighbor who may need a helping hand. That minimized the waste and made me feel good because when I help others it ultimately helps me. I feel better and happier by simply doing what I can for someone else.

Grab your garbage can and some grocery bags and get to throwing and giving away all that food that isn't clean. Good luck! And if you are the type that wants to take it slowly and use up what you have then replace it with a healthier substitute I will be posting a shopping list in the next day or two.

Phew! I am glad that is onto the fridge :/