Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The 100 Day Fitness Challenge

Will you meet the challenge at the end of each day?
As I have been thinking about my blog and my family's summer goal to hike 100 miles together, I am going to invite my family to join me in a 100 Day Fitness Challenge. Our challenge will consist of 6 fitness activities a week and one rest day. Rest is often overlooked when it actually plays a huge role in our body's ability to heal, to get stronger and improve. We choose Sunday as our rest day...for both physical and spiritual reasons. I will incorporate endurance, weight training and high intensity training workouts.

 I will post the workouts or fitness activities we do each day for the duration of the 100 Days. Our nation is becoming unfit, unhealthy and overweight. I want to raise awareness about the importance and benefits of physical activity and about being a positive influence for our children and friends.

Grab your shoes and get ready!
I am going to bite the bullet and jump right into a 100 Day Clean Eating Challenge as well. This might prove to be my undoing, but I am going to give it my best effort. I believe that when I have a healthy lifestyle (exercise and nutrition together) I will see the greatest benefits and feel better than ever.

Please join me for this challenge. Choose one challenge or both. The challenge starts for me and my family this coming Sunday July 13, 2012.

I will do my best to post weekly menus and daily workouts/adventures. I must warn you now that my workouts will not always be found in the gym. I love to be outside and find a bike ride, trail run or hike to be refreshing and a great workout. If you follow along, I will do my best to give an alternate option on those days in case you workout in the gym.