Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mountain Biking Solitude Ski Resort with Kids

Solitude Ski Resort in Utah.
My husband and I wanted to take our kids so they could get a feel for mountain biking. One of the issues with the Wasatch Front is that it can be fairly straight up and down. That scares me when I have my kids with me. My instinct is to keep them as safe as possible. With that in mind...

Down and Out Trail
We decided to head to Solitude. There is a short mountain bike trail along the base of the resort called "down and out" that is easy enough for the kids to do over and over again. We even had our 5 year old...which was a bit of a stretch. Click here to see the trail map. Solitude has a fish pond and the kids also rode the trail around the lower meadow next to the fish pond. 

Biking around the meadow near the pond
This is definitely just a start and to get them interested in mountain biking, but keeping it fun as well. After a few times around the meadow and a few out-n-backs on the lower trail, you can head over for some pizza. That always brings a smile to the boys.

Happy Riding!