Monday, July 16, 2012

First Clean Eating Obstacle

Yesterday was my big day of starting our clean eating challenge. It did not go as planned and actually was a complete disaster. For reasons I will explain, I am starting "cleaner" eating this week and 100% clean next week.

Here's the story:
Yesterday we got up and quickly got ready for church. My kids came in and asked what they could eat for breakfast that was clean (I was so happy that they were taking the initiative...that was unexpected). After we got squared away, we ran out the door to attend Church. Church is 3 hours long.

Upon returning to our home we walked into utter caos and disaster. While at church our water line under the kitchen sink broke and water was shooting out all over. There was at least 1 1/2-2 inches of standing water on the tile, it went into our dining room, family room and the entire downstairs great room ceiling was pouring water.

After my initial reaction of wanting to cry we got started on cleaning up, calling the insurance, etc. The sad thing about this whole story? We just finished cleaning up a flood in a different part of the house and had spent less than 1 1/2 weeks in our finally cleaned up house. My new carpet is now ruined among many other things including our couch and nice rugs.

There is always an excuse to put off clean eating. I am not putting it off, in fact I am going to do my best with my circumstance. We now have to eat out for the next 4-5 days and I always find it difficult to eat as healthy as I want at a restaurant and it is almost impossible for my kids. I decided to wait to start as a family until next week due to these crazy circumstances and to allow my family to fully participate.
In the mean time I am going to do some extra juicing meals, which are clean, and do my best to pick healthy options at the restaurants.

I hope you had a more successful first week than I did :) Haven't started yet? Join me next week then and keep getting yourself and your pantry ready.

Happy clean eating!