Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stewart Falls Hike

Yesterday I took the kids and those in my hiking group to Stewart Falls. Our hiking group consists of mothers and children...and occasionally our husbands:) I started this group to help others who want to get out and hike but don't know where to go, who may be scared to go alone or who may not have enough experience to do it on their own with children. It has been fun so far. Take a look at what we saw:
Stewart Falls is located up Provo Canyon above Sundance Ski Resort. To get to Provo Canyon, from I-15 take the 800 North exit in Orem and drive East until you get to the mouth of the canyon. Drive 9 miles up the canyon to the Sundance turn-off. Turn left and drive up the canyon past Sundance and Aspen Grove until you come to the pay booth. (Remember that this canyon has a $6 per day use fee or you can use/purchase a National Parks Pass which is $80 for the year). After the pay booth pull into the first parking lot on the left side of the road. There are 2 trailheads leaving from this parking lot. To access Stewart Falls you need to be on the trail that leaves near the bathroom and be sure you stay to the left...do not go on any of the spur/side trails as this will take you up Mt. Timpanogos.

 The trail is approximately 2 miles one way...4 miles round trip. I love this trail because it isn't too difficult for my children and the first half of the hike is in the shade of the trees.

The first time I did this hike carrying my child in a baby backpack was more difficult...just FYI. Along the way we saw a tree that had been marked by a bear and the kids thought that was great. There are several geocaches hidden along the way.

Stay with your children as you get towards the end of the trail. There is an outcropping of rocks towards the end that my friends boys and my youngest decided to climb...as they were a bit ahead of us. The other side is a drop-off of about 40 feet. As you reach the outcropping, the trail continues down to the left to the waterfall where the kids can cool off.

This is a great family hike.

My son had a self-carved walking stick and hand-carved whistle that we set down while we were in the water...someone walked off with them. He was so upset because of the time it took for him to make it. We like to assume that the person didn't know or didn't see his name engraved on the stick....just putting it out there because you never know if someone may find it:)

Happy Hiking!