Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Best Fireworks in Utah...HONEST!

The BEST fireworks in the state..not kidding! I debated giving away our little secret because then everyone would show up....I decided oh well, the more the merrier :) 

The last 2 years we have attended this fireworks display and quickly decided that we would make it an annual tradition. I didn't expect much the first year and I was BLOWN away. They seemed to keep going and going. The finale was incredible!

Here's our secret: Mapleton City has the best 24th of July Fireworks display! Click here to see the newsletter mentioning the fireworks. The firework extravaganza can be seen at Ira Allen Park which is located just south of 1600 South and about 800 West.

Along with fireworks they have live music, a great ping pong ball drop for the kids (winners receive bikes...last year my youngest won. It was the highlight for him) and food. Bring your blankets or chairs and find a piece of grass. There isn't one area better than the others...that is how great this display is.

Trapnell Orthodontics owns the company that put the show on and I want to say THANKS! It is fantastic. I love it, my husband loves it, my kids love it and my parents love it. Try it out and see what you think.

With the fire danger so devastating this year, we will not be lighting any of our own fireworks...we have a responsibility to know when to be cautious. I think that time is now. Organized, professional fireworks are much less likely to go awry or start a fire.