Friday, June 22, 2012

Brighton Silver Lake Boardwalk

View of Silver Lake from the Twin Lakes trail
Silver Lake boasts a fantastic boardwalk around the lake. It is accessible for strollers, the elderly and wheelchairs. It is easy for small children and adults who don't necessarily like to hike. The visitors center there is always a highlight of the trip for my 3 boys. They have binoculars to view the wildlife, a "guess who's poop I am" game, a huge old tree with historical markers on the coordinating tree ring and much more.

 As you stroll around the lake there are numerous wildflowers to find and identify, a "climbing wall" that the kids love, a fishing dock (fly fishing is the best and the lake is usually stocked by the 4th of July) and many forms of wildlife. As a family we have seen many Moose around the lake. Beware not to get too close. Moose can be dangerous. Always view them from a distance and NEVER get between a mom and her baby. We have seen deer, bucks, fox and badgers.

Just head up Big Cottonwood Canyon towards Brighton Ski Resort. At the top of the canyon head right around the circle as if going to Brighton and pull into the parking lot for the Solitude Nordic Center. It is the first right on the circle. Park and you will find the boardwalk on the north side of the visitors center.

If fishing, be aware that you may not get into the water as it is a watershed area unless you have waders. Dogs are not allowed or tolerated in this canyon. There are several geo-caches hidden along the way if you enjoy geocaching as much as we do.

The hike around the lake takes approximately 30 minutes, but most will stay longer to enjoy the beautiful area. Picnic tables can be found to both the south and north of the visitors center. Pack a lunch or dinner and have a picnic while you are there.