Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lake Solitude Hike

Lake Solitude is an easy hike that our young children have enjoyed multiple times. We hiked it again today. Saturdays are always busy in Big Cottonwood Canyon and today we saw a number of people along our hike. On a typical weekday there are very few people making it even better.

Getting there is simple. Just head up Big Cottonwood Canyon towards Brighton Ski Resort. At the top of the canyon head right around the circle as if going to Brighton and pull into the parking lot for the Solitude Nordic Center. It is the first right on the circle.

From the visitor center head out to the boardwalk and take the counter clockwise direction around the lake. 

You will come to a fork in the trail. If you go left you will continue around the lake. To get to Lake Solitude go straight

Follow this trail 1.1 miles to reach the lake. Beware that this is also open to mountain bikers coming from Solitude.

We always pack a lunch and eat by the lake. It is beautiful up there and is easy for children to hike as well as for adults to carry a child in a backpack. This is an out and back trail.

Happy Hiking!