Monday, August 13, 2012

Sympathy Card

I seem to go through phases of things I enjoy doing. I love to make cards using my silhouette machine but haven't had much time until 2 weeks ago. With our first flood everything got put away and I was just able to pull it out again.

Here is one of the cards I made for a friend who went through a terrible loss. It is my experience that the only suitable things to say in these delicate situations are:

  1. I am so sorry!
  2. I am thinking of you and your family.
  3. I love you.
And most of the time, a great big hug is all that is needed. Too many words often times cause more heartache and may be misunderstood by the receiver. I learned this lesson from my little sister as she and her family went through a terrible loss. 

Food, nice cards, flowers, cleaning, weeding, lawn care, carpooling other children, gift cards for activities or restaurants and most importantly, visits...are all things that can be done for someone in such a situation. I usually don't ask if I can help anymore, I try to do something for them to show my love. I used to always ask what I could do, but the answer was usually the same...nothing. I found that often times the individual doesn't know what they need because they are in a world of hurt and pain. I have had some great teachers who showed me by example the many things that can be done to help others. Many of these people were strangers to me, others were stories I heard about and others still were those I saw in action. Thank you for your great examples.

Now off my soapbox and onto the card:)

I had the yellow cards from a great outlet sale I stumbled upon. The card measures 4x6 with a scalloped edge along the top. 

I simple created a square shape on my silhouette and printed with deepest sympathy on the bottom. I then attached a branch and a little bird that I cut out. Voila! A simple yet cute card. The bird and the white square are both attached to the card with glue dots giving it a 3-D feeling.
I have white envelopes to go with this card.