Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Biking Hobble Creek Canyon

I love to bike and I love my kids. Why is it that when I put the two together I find it hard to love anything :) LOL! If my kids don't have a good time it is amazing how quickly the complaining can take the enjoyment out of biking.

The beauty of Hobble Creek Canyon in the fall.
There is a ride that we all love and the complaining is kept to a very minimum. It is the ride up Hobble Creek Canyon in Springville, Utah. It is a paved bike path that goes up just past the golf course. It is beautiful and only has one major hill that my kids sometimes have to walk. We take snacks and water and stop at the top for a quick bite.

I have been pulling them up this canyon for the last 6 years and it is so fun that they can ride it on their own. I put my littlest guy in the wee-hoo bike trailer so he can help peddle if he wants or just hang out if he gets tired. I like the wee-hoo for that reason.

To get to the canyon take the Springville/Mapleton 400 South exit off of I-15. Turn east and continue on this road. You will eventually pass Ream's grocery store. At the next stop sign take a right and follow this road up the canyon. Off to the right is a bike path and you can get on at any point. I like to start up near the mouth of the canyon. There is room to pull the car to the side of the road here.

Be sure to stay in your lane of travel when going around corners up this canyon. Often times there are fast bikers coming down as you are going up and we don't want anyone to get hurt :) My middle child accidentally got going too fast before the first bridge and went right into the river 2 years ago. He was fine and we all had a good laugh after it was all said and done.