Monday, August 27, 2012

Give the Gift of Cards

I love making cards and I love to give cards as gifts to my friends for birthdays or other special occasions. As the result of both of our floods (one we are still trying to get settled and the house put back together), all my card making stuff was put away. That put me behind on gifts for friends. 

I was happy when I could finally pull it back out. I worked for a week to get these cards done and tied up all pretty. I try to make similar sized cards as they package up better that way. I find a beautiful ribbon and tie it round them with an attached tag.
Here is my finished product:

Here is a photo of the cards included in this pack. I focused on birthday cards and a couple of sympathy cards as well.

A simple card or note can brighten someone's day. Let's make many days brighter.

Happy Carding:)