Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back-To-School Gift

I just love my Beehive class. They are such cute girls. It seems like Junior High can be so much fun, but can also be a bit scary. 

I decided to make something for each girl for the first week of back-to-school. My idea began when my own children were telling me how much they liked SOBE drinks. At the grocery store I went to that day, SOBE's were on sale. I grabbed enough for each girl and went home to figure out what I could do. This is what I came up with:

I opened up President Hinckley's book "Standing for Something" and started to find quotes and advice I could give the girls. I also used some scriptures and decided my theme would be,
"SO, BE.."

At the bottom after: 
SO, BE teachable
SO, BE Strong
SO, BE sure to speak kindly
SO, BE loving
SO, BE happy

I ended with
SO, BE Christ-like.

I found the cute chevron paper at the silhouette store and printed it at home. The tag also came from the silhouette store. I printed the saying out and glued it to the chevron tag. I put each SOBE in a clear bag and tied the top at the side hooking the tag on. I think they turned out cute. I hope the girls like their gift.