Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Young Women Manual 1 Lesson 4

I am updating this post because.....
I forgot to tell you about my attention getting activity. I am going to pull one girl aside (or use my advisor) and ask her to sit at the back of the room and gently whisper to the girls before we get started (they are always very chatty before we start our lesson). I am then going to ask how many girls heard the whispers? I will ask them what they heard. (I will have my helper whisper things about reverence, help the teacher get set up, say hi to a new girl today, etc.) I will then use that activity to lead us into our lesson about the Holy Ghost.
Another idea: Blindfold one girl and lead her into the room. Instruct the other girls to talk as usual, laugh, etc. Have one girl be the still small voice that leads her to her seat.

I found a talk called 
"The Unspeakable Gift of The Holy Ghost"
in the Ensign that I am going to supplement the lesson with. It is by Elder Wirthlin and is a wonderful talk.

The quote I am focusing my handout on is:

The gift of the Holy Ghost or "the unspeakable gift...enlightens minds, fills our souls with joy, teaches us all things, and brings forgotten knowledge to our remembrance...The Holy Ghost will show unto us all things which we should do and is the greatest guarantor of peace in our unstable world."

Elder Wirthlin and Pres. Faust

 I made a gift box and filled it with things relating to the quote. The almond joy mini candy bar relates to "fills our soul with joy". I included two small heart-shaped erasers to represent peace.

These cute scriptures are made by using two gold wrapped Hershey nugget chocolate bars glued side by side on card stock with a quote from the talk and a piece of ribbon glued on. They represent "brings forgotten knowledge to our remembrance" and
  "enlightens minds".

I found the scripture idea here. What a creative thing to do.

I will hand these towards the end of class, have the girls open them and tell me what they think the objects represent after having talked about it in our lesson. The girls seem to love handouts and I love the girls:)