Friday, January 13, 2012

Enjoy What You Do

In the last post, I mentioned that the way to stick with an exercise program is to do something you like to do. In this post I want to share some other ideas on things you can do to get your exercise in.
 Snowshoeing. It is peaceful, tranquil and very fun to feel surrounded by the beauty of the snow and to feel calmness envelope me as I snowshoe with my family or girlfriends.Grab a few friends and go while the kiddos are in school or hook yourself up with a chariot and take them along.

Hiking. Nothing beats being in the outdoors for me. This is where I can go to exercise and I always come away having had a great time and very refreshed. There is something about enjoying the creations around me while I hike or trail run. This picture of my husband and son is such a great visual to how I feel.
So I do not love this photo of me, but cross-country skiing and skate skiing are both high calorie burners and a fun activity once you learn to balance and move on the skis. This activity has a learning curve, but is attainable. A great form of exercise using the entire body for a huge calorie burn.

Try something new to see what you love to do. I will continue to post different types of exercises in the coming year.