Friday, January 20, 2012

DIY Spice Organizer

I was on Pinterest the other day looking through all the ways people organize their spice drawers/cabinets. I was thinking about what I wanted to bottles to fit in a drawer, ikea shelfs to hook to my wall or the back of my pantry drawer, etc. I came to the realization that now is not the time for me to spend money on something like this. Being a little bit down about it I decided to look around and see if I already had something that I could reuse for my spice cabinet.

As I searched around the house I came upon my boys wooden blocks. Perfect! I was able to use 3 of their blocks and create a pedestal so I can actually see my spices on the shelf. Here are some photos of what I did.

First level. I stacked the blocks to create a shelf...then added a lower block...

And finally...

I love it when I can re-use something at home to get the result I was looking for. After getting the "shelf" together I alphabetized my spices so they would be easier for me to find.