Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valentine, You're a real HAM!

So I bought a pink round Hubba Bubba bubblegum and decorated it as a pig. This was very easy...basically a round body, nose, eyes, feet and a curly tail. If you have a silhouette machine there is a Chubby Pig design you can use. On the back I printed, Valentine, You're a real "HAM". I think they turned out cute. The Hubba Bubba was $1.47 with tax so it is a bit expensive to do for class valentines but would be so cute for close friends.

The next valentine I made today is using a Kool-Aid drink. They were on sale at our local grocery store 6/$1. So I spent about .17 cents a piece. I made a bottle label (the top bends back and has a hole in it that hooks to the bottle) with a pocket on it. Inside the pocket is a tag that reads,
Valentine, You are totally "KOOL".
The heart on the front says Friend. I finished it off with a red ribbon tied on the top.
This same design can be used to hook on a water bottle and attach a single serving kool-aid packet.

I like to think of sayings to go with candy or treats, print them off on my computer and attach to the treat. This is always a quick and easy way to get my valentines or gifts off in a hurry. Click here to find some pre-made tags from Better Homes and Gardens you can use this valentines day. 

I'm NUTS about you - small bag of Nuts
We make quite a PEAR - Pear
ORANGE you glad we're friends? - Orange, Orange juice, Orange candy
I go BANANAs over you! - Banana
We're just MINT to be! - Peppermint patties, Mint gum, Mints
You ROCK! - Pop rocks, Hand painted valentine rocks
You're SWEET! - Any type of candy, Pixie stix
You're GOLDEN delicious! - Golden delicious apple
I'm BURSTING with HAPPINESS that you're my FRIEND! - Starburst
I love you to PIECES! - Reese's pieces, a puzzle
Will you be mine NOW OR LATER? - Now and later candy
Our friendship is sealed with a KISS! - Hershey kisses

They are super cute. Enjoy!