Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pick an Event

Now that we have worked on getting our fitness level up by increasing our cardio to 60 minutes 6 times a week, it is time to choose! And what fun it is. Chose what you ask? An event that will motivate you to train and continue exercising. An event that will challenge you and encourage you to push your limits.

Once we have signed up for an event, paid the money and made the commitment, it is a lot harder to back out.

This event may be your first 5K, a half marathon or even a marathon. It can be a bike ride. There are many women's only rides that consist of 30, 60 or 100 mile options. These types of rides are so much fun.

My favorites are the Little Red Riding Hood and the Wonder Woman rides in Utah. I am signing up for both rides as well as a new one...Goldilocks, that I have never ridden before. I only sign up for the 100 mile option because I hate paying for a shorter ride:) A couple of other fun events I am looking into are the Timp Trail Half Marathon, and the 5K Foam Fest. The options are endless....triathlons, duathlons, mountain bike events and a variety of mud runs. I am also signing up to do an adventure race in Moab. I have done an adventure race before and had such a great time!

Be brave. It is easy to let yourself think that we aren't good enough or that everyone is fitter than us, but the truth is that we are out doing something and no matter how slow we finish, we finish faster than the woman who didn't dare try:)

After choosing your event, sit down and put on paper your workout schedule. You will need one day of complete rest to recover.