Monday, June 3, 2013

90 Day Clean Eating Challenge - Day 1

Ok. So last time I attempted switching to clean eating I learned a lot.

  1. I learned that I feel much better when I eat clean food. My family feels much better. I have more energy. 
  2. I learned that I needed to determine what clean eating meant to me. Some don't do dairy or sugar. For me, we include dairy in our meals. I also used organic sugars as unprocessed as I can find. I mean the point of clean eating is to eat the food as close to the way it appears in nature. I am ok with my decisions. I feel better about eating butter and organic sugars than using other non sugar sweeteners. Decide what works for your family and be okay with it.
  3. I learned that when trials come, it can be harder to eat right. If I'm not in my own kitchen just do my best, it isn't the end of the world
  4. I learned it is okay to be flexible. I learned that it is a way of life but should not take over every social function my family and I attend. We are okay to "cheat" sometimes...moderation in all things - very wise words. 
  5. I learned that it is not more important than relationships with family and friends.  I can't expect others to fix things especially for me and I don't want them to have that burden. 
  6. I learned it isn't always easy to find the food products I need to eat clean. It is a process and I am continually seeking new places to shop, new items that are clean or where to get clean meat. 
  7. Overall I learned that it is the healthiest way to eat for me and my family. I have seen people do lots of crazy eating things to get the results they want. This seems intuitive and doesn't restrict a certain type of food.

After 2 major floods I am back. During our floods we were in and out of our home and clean eating became more difficult. As a general rule I have stuck with the clean eating idea, but felt fine with moderation of other foods. Now that my home is back and it is summer I am once again trying to reach my goal of going 100% clean for 90 days.

I am doing this so that I can see how I feel after a strict 3 months of eating clean. I won't hold my children to the same standard. They are boys and don't like the idea of "restriction". I see it as empowering, they see it as restriction:) So, at home we will eat clean because I fix the food and truth be known they won't even know. I think it is good to educate kids about healthy food choices, but it isn't something we constantly harp on or talk about. I believe healthy body images and healthy habits are important and can be ruined when there is too much focus on food.

Join me if you can and let's see how it goes. Today is my first day and I will always post my meals for the day and my exercise because it is important to do the two together.

Meal plan Day 1
1 egg and 2 egg whites scrambled with 1 slice whole-wheat bread. (I added a bit of cheese and ham)
1 glass 1% low-fat milk
Clean corn chips and homemade salsa (roma tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno, green onions and salt)
Green Smoothie (coconut water, spinach, bananas, gala apple, tangelos, ice)
Apple for snack
Tilapia with brown rice, pineapple and soy sauce for dinner
Water is my drink of choice

Walking 3 miles in canyon
Running/kettleball cross fit workout. (4 rounds: run 400m, 800m, 1200m, 1600m. Each run is followed by 30 kettle ball swings)

Here's to feeling great!