Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dollar Family Days

In a world where everything is so instantaneous, sometimes it pays to wait and be patient.

For my family to go to the movie, it costs us about $40 for tickets and then some for treats. I found a dollar theater near us so my husband and I gave our kids a choice. We told them that we could either see 3 or 4 movies at the regular movie theater or they could be patient and we could see all the kids movies at the dollar theater.

We explained to them the price difference and why it makes sense for us to go to the dollar theater, but left the choice to them. They all 3 chose the dollar theater. The savings for us is huge! It costs us under $10 to take the family to the dollar theater and get popcorn. In fact, this theater even has a family night where everyone gets in for just 75 cents. We recently decided to go to two movies in the same day on 75 cent Monday and it only cost us $7.50 for both...crazy!

This decision we gave the kids helps them start to realize the value of money and that it is important to save when you can.