Monday, February 13, 2012

Cute Valentine Ideas

A box of raisins - You are always "raisin" my mood...OR...You are the "raisin" I smile...OR Thanks for "raisin" my mood.

Pink treats - Valentine, you tickle me PINK!

Bouncy ball - Valentine, You're a BALL to be around.

Silly bandz - We really BAND together.

Applesauce cups - You are the apple of my eye valentine.

Mini boxes of cereal - Valentine, you are CEREALsly awesome.

Hershey's Kisses and bubblegum - Valentine, Blow me a Kiss.

Bubblegum - BLOWing kisses your way.

Swedish Fish/Cracker Fish - It's o"fish'al, you're one of a kind...OR...You are a keeper.

Chews candy - I "Chews" you valentine.

Crayons - You "color" my day.

Whoopie Cushion - Valentine, you make me laugh!

Glow stick or Small LED light - Valentine, you light up my life.

Small can of soda - Valentine, I "soda" really like you.