Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Activities

      Earth Day is a stellar opportunity to take time to appreciate our beautiful earth. From desert arches to mountain peaks to beaches. There is so much for us to love. We have our own personal playground. The earth lends us it's rocks to climb, mountains to hike, trails to run or bike, water to swim. It offers us places to sit and enjoy a picnic or a tree under which to read a book. It gives us grass to lay on as we watch the clouds roll seamlessly by. It offers us sounds of waterfalls and rushing waters, winds blowing the aspen tree leaves.
      The earth also gives us food to eat, materials to build our homes and plants and herbs for medicines. The earth is truly a magnificent creation.
Let's all help celebrate Earth Day by doing something for the earth today or another day this week. Here are some ideas I came up with:

1. For one day, don't drive. Bike, walk, jog. This morning I got my boys up and we walked to school and will be walking home as well. Less emissions in the air the better it is for the earth.
2. Grab a bunch of other families and go to the park for the evening. While there do a clean up project to help keep the park beautiful.
3. Take a hike. Look around and appreciate the beauty. With appreciation comes the desire to protect and help.
4. Plant a tree or a garden.

5. Switch all your light bulbs for energy efficient ones.
6. Introduce someone who isn't very outdoorsy to an outdoor activity. This can be as easy as a walk or taking them fishing. Anything they might enjoy to help build a love for the earth.
7. Eat a sunrise breakfast then work in the yard for the morning.
8. Find 20 things that you can give away, upcycle or donate to reduce waste.
9. Unplug any electronic not in use.
10. Borrow books, go electronic, or check them out of a library instead of buying them.
11. Switch to paperless options for your bills. This means you no longer receive a paper copy, but an electronic version.
 12. Dry your clothes out on a clothesline.
13. Use old clothes for rags instead of paper towels.
14. Teach kids the importance of turning off lights when they leave a room and use lights only when needed.
15. Cook a healthy meal using organic and locally purchased foods.

Love our earth! 
Happy Earth Day.