Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Extreme Leg Pain

At the end of last year I participated in the Wonder Woman Century (100 mile bike ride). I had previously completed a number of centuries yet during this century my body seemed to fail me. It was a perfect day for riding, not too hot, and the course was great. By lunchtime, my face was CAKED with salt and my legs hurt so bad that it was all I could do to not cry. I finished the century...barely, with tears in my eyes.

After this experience I started to do some research about what had happened to me and why I did not feel good. The answer did not involve auto immune disorders or diseases of any kind. It turned out that I had vitamin deficiencies that were causing havoc in my body. Specifically, vitamin D.

As I learned more and talked to two sport nutritionists at my personal training conference, I found that up to 75% of people are vitamin D deficient. In order to absorb vitamin D you need calcium and in order to absorb calcium you need iron. My tests revealed that I was indeed low in iron, vitamin D and vitamin B.

I began taking vitamins prescribed by my doctor about 3 months ago. This cycling season I have completed 2 early centuries for the sole purpose of finding out if my body is feeling better. My report? No severe leg cramping or increased loss of salt. I feel strong and much more like my old self. Gone is the feeling of, "I just don't feel like myself." Having problems similar to these? Go get your levels checked and start taking the necessary vitamins...you will feel 100% better.

Be Fit!