Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Unique Valentine Holders

This is the time of year when my kids will be coming home needing to make valentine boxes for their class valentine exchange. Here are a few ideas for making unique valentine boxes.

This first one is a toilet. My son thought it would be so funny to make a toilet for his box. 
We started by gathering materials. We found some cardboard/boxes, white card stock, a red wire hanger, toilet paper, packing tape, a white lid (from a plastic container) for the top of the toilet and cut out decorations to decorate with. 

First we put together the back of the toilet...
a rectangle box (or you can tape cardboard pieces together to make the rectangle). We made sure the lid would fit on the toilet before taping it together. 
Then we formed the toilet bowl by fashioning pieces of cardboard together to make a shape resembling a half oval and we cut another piece of cardboard for the bottom of the toilet bowl. Cover everything with white card stock using the packing tape. And tape the pieces together.
We untwisted the wire hanger, folded it in half and shaped it so it would hang over the side of the toilet and hold a roll of toilet paper.

My son then decorated it on his own. We lucked out to find a clear piece of plastic that looked like a handle so we taped it to the opposite side of the toilet paper. Valentines go right into the toilet bowl.
My son was right. It was a huge hit at school. It was such a huge hit that he has used it for 2 years now and is taking it again this year (which makes it much easier for me:) This is one box that will definitely be handed down from brother to brother.

I do not have a girl, but this is such a cute and easy way to make a valentine holder. I mean, what girl doesn't love a new purse?
To Make:
I took a 12x12 piece of fun heavy weight card stock and brought the edges in so they slightly overlapped and stapled them together. Repeat on the opposite side. I then gently creased the paper to make the sides of the purse and stapled a ribbon on for the handle. The opening is perfect for kids to put valentines into. This project took me literally 3 minutes to complete. I love those kinds of projects!

This one was made the February after the winter olympics. My son and I were lucky to see some ski racing so he got the idea to make a ski jump as his valentine box.
Similar to the toilet it is simply fashioned out of cardboard, card stock and packing tape. I have a silhouette machine so the designs (snow flakes, trees, olympic rings) we cut out using the machine. He also wanted a ski jumper. We used wire to hook him to the ski jump. He is made from ribbon, pipe cleaners and a styrofoam ball for the head. We cut a hole in the jump for valentines to be dropped in. 
Once again we had a winner!

 Stay tuned for cute and fun homemade valentine ideas!

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