Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chore Chart

This is a chore chart that is simple to make and is very rewarding to the child.
Take a large white magnet board (I found one at IKEA for hardly anything). Next divide the board into sections for how many children you have. Use electrical tape to make your chart...it is easily adjusted and removable if you want to use the board for something else in the future. 

Each square represents a chore or behavior that the child accomplishes. Magnets are added each time one a pre-designated chore or behavior is fulfilled. Once the child gets to the bottom of the chart with magnets, they receive the money award (in this case $5) and it starts over again.

Important to note that once earned, squares CANNOT be taken away. They did the positive behavior and it cannot be taken away from them...otherwise they would lose the incentive to keep trying if every time they did, it was taken away.

I used a single magnet as well and just moved it along the squares. The first section is for my oldest (and I write the names above their section so there is no confusion), the next is for the next oldest and the last is for my baby :) 

This has been very effective in our home. I will randomly tell them to move a space if they are being extra kind or do something without me asking. They love when I do that!

Happy Parenting!