Monday, December 12, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year. My confession is that I listen to Christmas music beginning in October :) I know, I know....but I love it. Each year I try to think of a fun way for my family to get in the spirit of giving. This year I decided on doing Random Acts of Kindness each day of December. It has been something my kids look forward to doing each day and if we ever miss a day, they notice. They love doing nice things for others without the person knowing who did it.

I prepared early by printing each day (1-25) on paper bags in my printer. I chose a big red circle with the day in the middle in black. I think they turned out cute.

I then made our Random Acts of Kindness cards that say:

This Christmas Season
we are counting down the
25 Days of Christmas
by performing
Random Acts of Kindness
each day. You are a child of God and 
we pray you find His blessings 
this Christmas season.

Each time we performed a RAK, we left a little card behind. (I got the card saying online..cannot remember where).
I put the cards into each sack along with what we would do that day and hung them on our banister. Some days we were not able to do what we planned so it ended up being Random after all:) It has been exciting so far. This is an activity that can also be used as a 12 Days of Christmas activity.

Here is a list of what we did for our Random Acts of Kindness this month:

1. Take homemade cards to someone.
2. Tape quarters to candy machines for little kids to use.
3. Donate to Toys for Tots.

4. Deliver cookies to a family.
5. Leave candy canes in a cute homemade envelopes taped to ATM machines around town.

 6. Leave a car wash code taped to the car wash machine for the next person to use.
7. Buy a treat for the grocery store clerk.
8. Pay for someone's drink behind you in line or someone's lunch.
9. Buy a hot drink for the Salvation Army Bell Ringer.
10. Leave small gifts in shopping carts for people to find.
11. Make survival bracelets and have the kids leave them on the desks of kids at school who might like them.
12. Leave a jar of money with the "Christmas Jar" book on the doorstep of a family down on their luck.
13. Return garbage cans to homes after garbage collection.
14. Drive around to find the best decorated houses and leave a 2-Liter of pop with the note and a card that says, "Your christmas lights really 'POP'. Thanks".
15. Make homemade Christmas scent jars and hand them out. 
16. Leave your kids teachers a special treat or their favorite drink in the morning before they get to school.
17. Take plants to the nursing home.
18. Leave a special treat in the mailbox for your mailman.
19. Pass out Christmas ornaments to drive-thru workers before you pull away.
20. Wrap Hershey chocolate bars to look like Rudolph and hand them out.
21. Leave a basket of Christmas gifts on the doorstep of a family in need.
22. Leave a free red box code taped to the machine for the next user.
23. Bake fresh bread for neighbors.
24. Leave a small gift for the nurses at a care center.
25. Drop off some orange juice and muffins or a christmas treat to those working in the hospital today.

I will post pictures as soon as a I can.
Merry Christmas and Happy RAKing!!

After completing this activity I decided that next year we will make up a card similar to the one we used this year and everyone will take some with them. The goal will be that everyone do a Random Act of Kindness on their own and then we will have everyone share what they were able to do at dinner each day. I am excited to see what everyone will think of and it will leave room for the randomness aspect.