Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Am In Love

Over the years I have tried everything to organize the comings and goings of me and my family. After having children something happened to my memory. I lovingly call it my "mommy mind".  My mind randomly chooses appointments or engagements to forget. I have no control over this phenomena to the disbelief of those who are left waiting for me. Talking with other moms, I have discovered that it is something many of us have in common. In an attempt to keep my appointments I tried wall calendars, pocket calendars, cell phone calendars, desk calendars and color coded calendars. I have to admit that even my, big as they come Chip and Dale calendar, did not give me the motivation to look at it (I know...hard to believe right? :)

I have finally found the answer! I love cozi.com. It is a website that allows families to share a single calendar. We share a family password and each family member can access the information using their own email addresses. The website emails me our weekly calendar of events each Sunday night and allows me to email To Do Lists to my children or hubby. Everyone has their own color so the calendar is easy to read and use.

There is also a grocery tab where you can type grocery lists and you have the option of separating the items by store. I love this since I buy some things from Costco and others from the local supermarket or farmers market.

The journal was a feature I did not expect to use. That is, until my 5 year old says or does something so cute and funny...sometimes even humiliating, that I have to write it down to remember :) For example, I was in the grocery store one day with my 3 and 4 year old little boys. My 3 year old insisted on sticking his arm out as people went by and letting them run into his arm. As much as I talked to him about, he would not stop. I was relieved when we finally made it into the check-out line with little harm done. As we progressed forward, to my absolute horror, I saw my son with both hands reached out in front of him grab the lady's rear end in front of us. I was not fast enough to stop it. The lady, expecting to see a pervert, turned around with flames in her eyes. When she saw who had grabbed her rear she said, "Oh, what a cute boy!" I was so relieved that I was able to will my tears back into my tear ducts and somehow move on. Years later that story makes us laugh and laugh. Everyone can use a good laugh as often as we can get one!

The best part of cozi...I can send myself reminders so I don't forget important events or appointments. The website is free to use and I got the app for my iphone so I can take it all with me. Check it out. Don't miss this gem. You will love it!

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